Facilitates the translation process for freelancers
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SDL International

Targets freelancers to translate their software with the CAT tool. Handles formats like HTML/ASP/JSP, SGML/XML and XSL .

SDL Trados 7 Freenlance + TRADOS MultiTerm is a full-featured Translation Memory and Terminology Manager used by translators all over the world.
It is a computer-aided (CAT) tool that allows language professionals to work with the convenient interface of Microsoft Word.

With SDL TRADOS, the machine memorizes the expressions, words, terms and phrases that are currently being translated. If there are repetitions across the translation, the program automatically offers the already done translation.

TRADOS SDL helps linguistic professionals to keep and enhance consistency along their work. Matches can be full or fuzzy, and the translator always has the option of whether selecting the program's suggestion or not.

This software is a perfect application for project-management. It enhances productivity and efficiency by using intuitive models based on the functions performed by each user.

TRADOS 7 provides huge flexibility thanks to its advanced filtering function. Desktop publishers working as a team can use TRADOS 7 to convert DPT formats (such as Adobe FrameMaker, Interleaf, Adobe PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, QuarkXPress) to formats which are compatible with Word or TagEditor.

Some New Features are the following ones:
Trados 7.1 allows to select TagEditor as the editing environment for ITD files.
It also allows to include comments in the document.
The program has a Word List Check tool to verify if incorrect terms have been used in the translation.
RTF documents can be opened and translated using the TagEditor.
And much more...

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  • Helps improving consistancy, speed and quality in translation works


  • Really expensive to purchase
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